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Iron Range Bus Lines Inc.

Iron Range Buses

Our Buses


Quality Built, Safe and Reliable

Iron Range Bus Lines is committed to ensuring that safety comes first. But, we also realize that quality transportation, service and comfort are important to our passengers as well.

We are constantly upgrading our fleet with the newest units from manufacturers such as Freightliner, Thomas, International and Bluebird. Utilizing new equipment we have fewer breakdowns, run more environmentally friendly units, better fuel efficiency and the latest in safety and ride features. 

Drivers, administrators and parents will all appreciate the selection of buses Iron Range has to offer. 


Safety Measures

Here are some safety measures that the Iron Range buses have:

  • Larger 1 piece windshield
  • Side Window Defrosting
  • Independent daytime running headlamps
  • Larger, more prominent warning light system
  • Larger push-out windows
  • Larger Rear emergency Doors
  • Improved windshield wipers
  • New bonded driver view (RHS) window in front of door
  • Bumper walk gate extends in front of the bumper
  • Anti-Lock Brake System


Your safety always comes first with Iron Range! If you have any questions regarding our buses, please feel free to contact us with your concerns.